Right method of Hair oiling, washing and drying

-Start entangling your hair brush or comb in small sections, starting at the ends and slowly and very gently working your way up.

- Avoid combing hair after applying hair oil as its more fragile and tend to break more.

- After applying oil massage your scalp for 7-10 minutes and keep it for minimum one hour and maximum 4 hours period of time. The more you keep the more it attracts dust and dirt which will eventually affects your hair.

- Don't tie your hair tight after applying hair oil.

- Hair oil should be applied twice or thrice a week depending on your scalp and hair condition. 

- Use right quantity of Hair oil depending on your length and thickness of hair.

- While shampoo make sure to wash it off hair oil properly and it's dirt free.

- Don't avoid conditioning specially when you have frizzy hair.

- Soak and try to dry your hair gently with soft towel or you can also use soft tee of yours to soak it up.

- Always apply hair serum 2-4 drops (As per requirement for your hair type and length) when your hair is half dry and gently entangle your hair with fingers.

- Finally comb your hair when your hair is fully dry.

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