Right way of conditioning

Washing your hair is part of your normal beauty routine. Shampoo cleanses the hair, removing dirt and oil, while Conditioning is equally important to detangle and smoothen the hair.

Of course, the amount one uses of each varies depending on hair texture. If you have fine hair, use less conditioner or almost on hair ends for two to three minutes. But for fine and flat hair we also suggest the method of conditioning before shampooing. As it won't make your hair look totally flat but it ma give you little bounce to your hair.

For wavy/curly and frizzy hair we won't suggest the same. Use good amount of conditioner and Curly hair tends to see the most dryness and damage at the ends since the ends are the oldest part of the hair. Focus on conditioning the ends and then work your way up towards the roots. Use more on the ends, and very little at the roots

After shampooing keep the conditioner in your hair for five to ten minutes for the best results.

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